I am a licensed Real Estate Broker and have been a licensed Realtor since 1997. I am a former HUD Listing Broker and have listed and sold Hud, Chase Fannie Mae Properties. I am very Knowledgeable and have sold over 500 homes. I am the former Broker/Owner of Golden key Realty in San Antonio 2005-2010 and Managed Prudential Don Johnson Realty presently known as Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Don Johnson and also a former Manager of Better Homes And Gardens.

I am a Graduate of UTSA and a former police officer. I would love to earn your Business. Thank you

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As a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Don Johnson, REALTORS Forever Agent℠, I support your real estate dreams and goals for life. That support doesn’t start or end with a successful transaction, it’s ongoing, and it means planning for a future that’s as fulfilling as it is bright.

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